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Bunny Hill Jamba Run

This is a combination I have not tried before…… Yesterday, I left my van at Jamba Juice in the morning and Cheryl gave me a ride to Hillview. Oscar met […]

Heroes 6K

First, in reference to my last post. This week was recovery till Tuesday and then back to training. As stated I did a couple of fast runs on Wednesday with […]
Heroes 6K

Spreadsheet Maniac

First, today was an easy day as I am doing a mini taper for the Bakersfield Half Marathon. Speaking of Bakersfield it looks like we are going to have a […]

Tuesday Taper – Reload

I read an article in Runner’s World, I believe it came out a year or so ago, about tapering. I never have been quite confident with my tapers….  The article  emphasizes […]

Easy Day

I just ran a tad under 4 miles with the Hillview boys…. That’s right, boys, with one exception. All the girls that typically come out for club were trying out […]

SWEET 16 plus a Clayve

Today we ran from Hillview to Greg Anderson elementary and tried a sweet 16 workout on the track. I am a bit fatigued still from Tuesday, so the workout seemed […]

Mt Rite Aid Recovery

Just a Hillview run to Mt Rite Aid today. I am pretty fatigued from the hills, interval work, and maybe even a little from the Clayve yesterday. So, our workout […]

A pretty good day!

After a couple of days of RnR…. that is rest and recovery…. it was time for a big day. It started with the Hillview workout. We played a couple of […]

1st PR of the year!

A couple of days ago I lamented that I did not set any real PRs last year. What I had forgotten, was the area of general fitness. Thanks to Clay […]