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Easy 5

Just an easy 5 on the aqueduct with Chuck this morning. Chuck, Lance. Clay, Janet and who knows who else will be running the Santa Clarita marathon or half marathon […]


Today I only ran 40% of the miles that Clay, David, Kyra and Sarah are probably still running. I am in the Phoenix area for my sons wedding, but I […]

Sunday long run

First – congratulations to Chuck for finishing yet another marathon! He ran Philadelphia this morning. I wonder how many of the 50 states he still has to go? I sent […]

Once a week?

Without focus and with limited training I find more and more time passing between posts. I rested from running about 9 days. I found no improvement in my sciatica. What […]

The Key

Make that the keys….. Yesterday I failed to post because I spent my entire evening looking for 1 of my sets of keys. I have so many keys to keep […]

An Exciting Marathon

Yesterday I took a day off from running. Instead I dvr’d the Boston Marathon and watched it on t.v. The headlines this morning online are all about the fastest marathon […]