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Bunny Hill Run

First, after Sunday’s hangover run, I recovered well. I took Monday off. I waited until Tuesday evening to run with the HDR people….. and then, for the first time ever…. […]

GO Buddy GO

Sunday was the 17th annual Jingle Bell Fun Run 5k. The Rubles have been directing it the last two years. They have added some fun and excitement to the event, […]
GO Buddy GO

July recap

July was fun…. not so much a great training month, but July was fun. Several conferences made consistent training difficult… But, here is the recap. 17 runs for 85 miles, […]

April wrap up

April concluded yesterday with a step back run… I was looking at my plan and noted that I had done several LONG weekend runs in a row. I figured it […]

March recap

In mid March I hit a peak in “fitness” as measured by Sporttracks. The program assignes a stress value for all workouts and monitors fitness, fatigue and performance… The chart […]