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Team Ninja Warrior

The last few years I have been watching American Ninja Warrior. I am awed by the strenght, the power, the overall fitness of these athletes. This year one of my […]

GO ing some more

Yesterday, i once again rode the Elliptigo to and from work. I also rode it around whilst the Hillview Running Club was running. I managed to do 7 plus while […]


With a long run of 9 miles on New Year’s Day, my goal for this week was to go just a bit longer. Erik and Krysti Ruble met me at […]

HDR Trail Run

Most of the HDR Mountain Fun Trail runs are on Sunday. I found out just yesterday that this month’s trail run was today – Saturday! We met at the Bouquet […]

Leap Frog – up N running

Sometimes I decide my afternoon Hillview XC club workout based on who is there. The general pattern is Tuesday speed work, Thursday something on campus, and Wednesday and Friday runs […]

5 x 6 minutes!

Best workout this year…. well, at least it felt like it. My plan was to do 5 repeats of 6 minutes. I was worried that the HDR crew would not […]

Monthly report…

Not that intend to report only on a monthly basis…. but it has been almost a month… I need to get back into blogging. When I blog, I am motivated […]

Still strained…

Yesterday I headed over to the HDR speed workout. I warmed up with 3 laps. I prescribed a workout of 5 x 1 minute fast, 1 minute recover easy, 2 […]

Dale is Back

Clay and I took a nice mountain trail run yesterday… Clay paused and took some video.. while I struggled to stay close. It wa probalby my slowest ever trip up […]