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Traveling the Baltic

I’ll post a brief bit here while I have a few minutes of time and Wi-Fi access on my phone… I’m in the middle of an epic vacation. We left […]

Ojai Valley Century

Yesterday I attempted my first ever century ride – the Ojai Valley Century. A few months ago, when I booked it, I made myself a training plan to log lots […]

Running Experiment…

First, I see I am way out of the habit of posting…. so you are probably out of the habit of reading…. so there is probably no one reading this…. […]

70 Mile Bike Ride

I have not been very good at keeping up daily training rides… It does not work so well to ride, and coach track at the same time. It does not […]

5 days of workouts:

Monday:I rode the GO to Valley Physical Therapy. Clay worked me out pretty good and then I took a longer route home… 8 miles + 14 miles. Tuesday morning I […]

Treatment time

It has been awhile since I have been able to get in a workout. Walking hurts, Running is out of the question. The elliptigo is probably okay, but if the […]