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Am I Still Alive

Yes, but still hurting. The top of the foot has not been achy this past week. The heel seems to be improving very slowly. … very… If I am really […]

X times 1 minute

After my last run, before thanksgiving, my heel ached for several days and my upper foot ached as well. My New Year’s Day run has caused similar heel pain. Right […]

Just 6 Weeks

No, this is not the amount of time since I last ran… well, actually that would be pretty close…. I am not seeing much progress this last week as to […]

Still Waiting

After riding my elliptigo, running just a mile and a half, and doing the Clayve Tuesday a week ago, my foot got very sore. The achiness started in the heel […]

My Achy Breaky…

Foot.  It felt fine yesterday.  I guess it is not ready for running yet though. Because today the heel is quite achy again. The upper outside of the foot is […]

Still on the mend

I have not run for almost two weeks, until today. Today, I ran one mile just to see how it would do. The heel pain was present almost from the […]