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“Easy Run”

I took the team on a run this afternoon. We did the Lister Lookout Loop. It included a 1.2 mile warm up run to the aqueduct. Once on the aqueduct […]

Overdue Post…

I tried to write a post this weekend. I had it all done and then it disappeared… I was so exasperated I did not bother to rewrite it. I believe […]

Mt SAC!!

Hillview had another awesome day at the MT SAC Invitational! First race: 8th grade boys! Abraham Sosa Torres led the way with a 4th place finish – Derek Rodriguez finished […]

Easy 4…. still sore

I ran with the Hillview team this morning – an  easy 4 miler around the Hillview area. The right glute/piriformis was bothersome. I did not go far enough or hard […]

Feeling old and frustrated

Last post – Wednesday.  Thursday was another XC meet for the Hillview kids…. results here The team is awesome.  We raced by grade levels and won 8th boys, girls, 7th boys, […]

Two Easy

We have two Wednesday practices at Hillview. I ran both of them. Neither of them were particularly far or fast. My hamstrings/glutes are pretty sore and tight so I started […]

Trying to begin again

Well, a week off does not really constitute beginning again, but, you know….. So during my time off, the foot felt great most of the time. On occasion, however, it […]

Now it is my foot

I am getting  back into the swing of things this week…. or I was…. Monday I rode the Elliptigo to and from school for a nice alternative to running workout. […]

Going Not So Good?

It has been almost a week since I have posted. I have not posted for two reasons. I have been pretty busy and I have NOT been running. Tuesday I […]

Getting faster

I have not posted in a few days, so….. Wednesday is an either/or day for Hillview Cross Country. The runners have the option of coming in the morning before school […]