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Heat wave cancels practice

Generally at 100 degrees we cancel after school practice. Thursday was 103 and so was Friday. Friday had the additional difficulty of smoke in the air from Southern California’s fires. […]

Wednesday Night Cycology Ride!

This week I switched out the “mountain bike” type tires that were on my tandem for some nice slick road tires.  Wow!, it made a huge difference! The last couple […]

Hillview Wednesday practice

Today we did the “Divide and Conquer” practice.  We are dealing with 130+ athletes, so we have discoverd that we can split them like we did last week: 7th and […]

Tuesdays belated post…..

I have had a busy week…. So busy that I am behind in posting…. Let’s see. Tuesday afternoon I had XC practice. We started with a “figure 12” warm-up.  A […]

Monday morning XC practice…

I am trying something new this year. I scheduled practices for the team on Monday mornings. Our new principle does not allow Monday afternoon practices, and I did not want […]

Cycology Ride

This week Cheryl and I rode the tandem again. Annie went along and rode my Schwinn hybrid. Annie had an easy time of it. The course took us to the […]

Tuesday HDR Speed workout

Tonight we ran 3 min, 90 seconds, 90 seconds, 90 seconds, 3 min, 90 seconds, 90 seconds,90 seconds, and 3 minutes. On the 3 minute intervals, my 400 m splits […]


As a run – workout for me – it was not much. 12 minutes easily circling the field while encouraging the kids to keep going…. We only had 7th and […]

Pool Run

Monday – Just a 6 “miler” in the pool today….. I’m a little stiff from the weekend.

Crowd on the aquaduct….

Chuck and I had the pleasure of running with a few extras this morning. Karl, Andi, and Karl’s friend Danny met us at 5:30 for a 10 mile run. Rather […]

Cycology Night ride

Cheryl joined me this week for the Wednesday night bike ride. We rode our tandem with the group of 60 or so runners around east Lancaster. Cheryl did well and […]