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16 Miles on the aquaduct

Clay and I got a very early start and ran 16 miles on the aquaduct on both sides of 60th St West. Time according to my Garmin was 2:18:10 – […]


Friday Fun Day with the kids at Marie Kerr. We ran about 2.5 miles and then threw in some frisbee golf and some “abkillers”… I actually ended up with almost […]

Triathalon Monday

Chrisitan has been my riding buddy the last few Mondays, but he is traveling. Ordinary, this would put my workout in jeapordy, but not today. I got up and headed […]

Marathon Pace Sunday

This morning I met Chuck Fieland on the aquaduct at Ave S at 5:15 AM!  :0 Chuck is 2 weeks away from running the San Francisco Marathon – Good Luck […]

14 Miles on the aquaduct

I met Karl and Clay in the early morning and ran 14 miles out on the aquaduct this morning. Totals 14.0 in 1:54:52 – 8:12 pace Splits: 8:22, 8:14, 8:01, […]

Wednesday Cycology Ride #3

Last night 43 cyclists joined the weekly cycology night ride.  Clay, Zach and Kendall joined in for the fun this time…… We rode about 24.5 miles, includind a brief sprint […]

Monday Triathapractice..

Christian and I did our Monday morning ride once again! We stretched it just a bit farther this time reaching 44 miles in 3:06:35 – 14.1 average mph. The wind […]