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HVXC club up to 24 runners!

Yesterday my net calories was 521. I consumed 2381 and burned 1860. I keep this up and I will be dropping pounds. Today’s weigh in = 177.4 (up.2) Calorie deficits […]

Cycle the Valley

177.2 – Okay, I guess I will have to start the calorie counting. When I lost weight last year, I used a program in my Treo to keep track of […]

Longest Week since OC

I went and watched UP today in 3D!  Very good movie. Two thumbs up! Afterwards, I ran an 8 mile route back to my house. This time it was a […]

XC Fun Friday!

I took it easy on the kids today. For a few, it was their first week and I could tell they were tired + the temperature was up today. . […]

Wednesday with HVXC

So far there are 20 kids coming to my summer practices! Woo Hoo!. Thankfully, I have 2 associates helping me to keep an eye on then. We meet on Tuesday, […]

2 for Tuesday

This morning we had our first summer XC Club run with the Hillview team. I had 17 kids show up! 5 or 6 of them were new.  We ran 2 […]

Accidental 9

My plan was to run an easy 8 miler this afternoon. My route was to run through the neighboorhood west of my house down to Elizebeth Lake road, then go […]

8 on the aquaduct

Thursday morning I got up early and drove to the aquaduct at 70th West. There I met Clay and Zak for an 8 mile run. My Gramin showed 8.09 in […]

Tuesday Speedwork

I couldn’t go to the HDR workout and I couldn’t run with my kids after school, so I had to get up early and go to Joe Walker and run […]