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Just a bike commute today

174.8 I rode my hybrid bike to school today – heavier and wider tires than the rode bike.  I was also going to run a few miles with the kids, […]

HDR Track night!

176.0 – by the way –  the best comparison’s in my  case, weight wise are comparing the same day of each week. Comparing today’s 176.0 with last Tuesday’s 178.2 I […]

No run – just torture…..

Just kidding Clay….. I went back to Clay at A.V. Physical Therapy to work on my achy foot – which we believe is caused by tightness in other areas. I […]

Sunday Long Pool Run

2 hours 6 minutes (equivalent of 14 miles) pool run… I worked a few cruise type intervals into it – 9 minutes repeats at a harder effort…. Weekly Totals running […]

Bunny Hill to Coldstone!

175.8 Today was the much anticipated run to the Bunny Hill. That is a run from Hillview, around the Boulders Mobile Home Park, under the aquaduct and then up to […]

HDR Speedworkout…

178.2 (okay, so Hometown wasn’t the best idea last night, but it will even out tomorrow – I bet.) Today I ran with my kids a little bit after school […]

(Almost) Marathon Pace run

177.0 One of the failures of my recent marathon training was skipping some of my Sunday marathon pace runs. I have to get up around 4 or 4:30 & leave […]