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May Days

May Running 143 YTD 620 Running Elliptigo 91 313 Elliptigo Tandem 27 Tandem Running Equivalents 189 785 Running Equivalents PPLD 50 2200 PPLD Here are my totals for May. I […]

Yasoo 800s

First – Monday I ran with the Hillview kid’s. It was a recovery day for me and a “last workout before the big meet” for them. We ran a little […]

May Underway

It has been unusually hot here in the Antelope Valley this week….. mid 90s most afternoons! Monday I rode the GO in the dark to school for our 6 am […]

10K at 7:15 pace!!

Well, not all at once though….. Tonight I led the HDR peeps in another Cruise Interval oriented workout. My plan is to progress from the 12 x 800 reps we […]