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tri training?

Today I did a little bit of everything. Cheryl & I rode our tandem bike around West Palmdale stopping to check out the yard sales. Total distance was 16 miles. […]

How do you…

(177.0) turn a 4.3 mile run to Jamba Juice into a 6.5 mile run to Jamba Juice? (answer below) Today, the day after our track season ended, I invited the […]

Cycling to track prelim

176.2 I cycled to Hillview – 6 miles @ 15.2 mph, and from there to Joe Walker for our track league prelims – 3 miles at 14.7 mph and then […]

Tuesday HDR workout

177.0 Today I ran 1.75 with my XC team…. Then at the HDR workout I totaled 7 miles including: 2.5 miles warm up – stretching – 2 laps easy Indian […]

Cycle the valley

This morning I rode to school 6.04 in 24:07 – 15 mph. After school I rode from Hillview to AV High School for our track meet – 10.70 in 35:35 […]

Foot’s improving!

Today I ran 4 miles in my New Balance shoes and it felt fine. The foot still looks pretty funky but the tenderness is just about gone.


I had noticed that my right foot had not been achy since a day or two before the marathon. Running the marathon did not cause it to get achy – […]