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Elk’s Track Meet

Today I coached my team at the Elk’s Invitational Track meet. This meet has been an annual event for the middle schools for longer than anyone remembers. 10 years ago, […]

Back in the saddle….

The feet are heeling well, but are still painful to walk on. I have resisted running. Instead, today I got the bike out and rode a round-a bout 10 miler […]

Monthly Totals

Well, April has ended with my biggest taper ever! Monthy total 111 miles running and only 27 cycling. Year to date: 733 running and 299 cycling. Next up OC Marathon […]

Tuesday Speed workout

Another Tuesday speed workout…. Only hotter! First I ran a couple of miles with my kids at Hillview. Then a total of 7 with the club. We did 3 x […]

I missed spring!

I was gone 3 days. On Thursday, when I left it was still wintery cold. Today – summer. What happened to spring?!? I ran our N-8 Towncenter loop in the […]

3 days too full to run….

I spent 3 days at a Christian retreat called an Emmaus Walk. Thursday evening through Sunday evening. They kept me so busy I could not even squeeze in a run.  […]

Medium Long

Tomorrow I am going on an Emmaeus Walk retreat. Whatever that is – seriously – my pastor is sponsoring me, several guys are going, and they won’t tell us any […]

Speed work with Hillview

Tonight was my monthly board meeting so I squeezed in some intervals running with my team. We did 6 x approximatly 800. My splits were 3:10, 3:14, 3:18, 3:16, 3:04 […]

Easy 5

Had a little trouble getting out the door again today, but I did…. I ran 5 miles in the typical late afternoon wind…. I felt lethargic and particularly slow, but […]