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Friday Hillveiw Workout

Today I ran an easy 2.5 with the kids – The did “roll the dice” intervals. We followed it up with 1 repeat of the “Rock” Workout we first did […]

Tuesday Hillview workout

I tried the “Rock” Workout that was part of an article in Running Times this month with my Hillview students. The funny thing is that I had actually found a […]

Duathalon Friday

This morning I rode to school on my bike – 6.5 miles. After school I took the team up the “Bunny Hill” which is the top of the ridge south […]

Thursday Long Day

This morning I ran 5.5 to school and then 18 after. The 18 was from Hillview to Marie Kerr park and then round and round and round the park.  I […]

HDR Tuesday Track Workout

Today, first of all. I ran 2 miles with my Hillview kids and followed that up with a series of leg swings, heels & toes, high skips, long skips, karaokes, […]

Two/From Monday

I ran back and forth to school today. 12 miles total. Nice and easy – especially coming home. I ran behind Highland on my way and ran into Jonny Johnstone. […]

Mt Rite Aid run

Today we ran from Hillview to a little point above the aquaduct we call Mt Rite Aid….. It is the closest bump to Rite Aid at Rancho Vista Shopping Center.. […]

Pics from Surf City

I downloaded all of the proffesional pics they took of me as Surf City to my snapfish account. From there I put them on face book. I thought I would […]