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Another day another movie

Yesterday I enjoyed my run down Sierra Hwy and over to the movies so today I decided to do it again. This time I started at my house, went past […]

Virtual Race Across America

A little more than a week ago, I joined an online game called the Virtual Race Across America. There are 4 teams and all the members post points that they […]

Marathon Pace(?) run

Today, instead of running to church as I have done a lot the last few months, I ran from church to the Movies 12. My wife and daughter met me […]

Snow Day

After checking the weather forecast, I nixed the idea of riding my bicycle to school. I drove – it was the first time my car had been to Hillview all […]
Snow Day

Two a long day

This morning I ran to Hillview again. 5.5 in 49:15 and then after coaching my team I did my weekly long run – 16 miles all around west Palmdale.  I […]

Extra two a day

I guess maybe I am feeling guilty for skipping out of most of Sunday’s run… That and the cold of the morning is easier to handle running than on a […]

Monday 2 a days.

My plan for a gentle boost to my total mileage is to begin running to and from school on Mondays in addition to Thursdays.  Today, however, was a holiday. So […]

Sunday Run

I got lazy this morning. I was scheduled to get up early and run to church, but I figured I could run in the afternoon. After church a bunch of […]

Last run B4

Just ran a couple of miles with the kids today – warmed up – hung around marathon pace for just a little while, and backed off again…..

Another taper run

Today I skipped the run to and from work thing which I usually do on Thursdays. I ran with my team. I did 4 easy miles. They did about 3.5 […]