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Aqua tunnels run

Today I took my kids on one of their favorite runs.  From Hillview, around the Boulders Mobile Home park, up to the aquaduct and 60th west. From there we cross […]

HDR Speed workout

Tonight we did 4 x 800. the first was kept slower, a semi warmup: 3:53, then 3:37,3:35 and 3:33 The Total distance was 6 miles in 49:58. It was fun […]

Poker Run (in the rain)

Today I had about a dozen kids show up to run in spite of the fact that it was raining. (Well, actually it was just a slight drizzle when we […]

N8 towncenter loop

Just an easy run with the kids. I stretched mine out longer than their’s by looping back to check on the stragglers. I did insert about 2 miles around mp […]

HDR Track Workout

Well, first I ran an easy 1.75 with the Hillview kids in the afternoon. Then I coached them through 10 x 100 meters up an incline by the school…. At […]

Jamba Run!

Every few weeks I like to take my students on a destination run. It is amazing how excited they get about getting to run “somewhere.”  19 of them showed up […]

Long Day

This morning I got up early and ran to Hillview – 5.4 miles in 46:29 , 8:39 pace.  After school I ran up to the aquaduct and headed west. While […]

6 x 800 at Hillview

Tonight was my monthly church board meeting, so I could not go to the HDR workout. Instead I pushed my Hillview kids to do a workout with me. I ended […]