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September wrap up…

A day early…. but I’m not running or GOing tomorrow…. In fact tomorrow will finally be the first cross country meet for Hillview. More on that later…. woo hoo!!! The […]

Bit of a scare this week…

I felt great after last weeks Metric Century GO ride…  I recovered on Sunday. I would have gone to the Clayve, but it was cancelled. Monday I ran with the Hillview […]

Metric Century on Elliptigo!

This morning I got up early and drove Ventura to do the Ventura Marathon Bike Rides Metric Century. I was a bit scared going into it. My longest Elliptigo ride […]

New PR….

School started Monday. I started getting back into regular training as well. Monday I did a 60 minute pool run. I wore my heart rate monitor. I only averaged 100 […]

August is underway

The first week of August… I took a last minute trip to San Francisco. At one of my conferences I heard about some mechanical creatures there called Strand Beests…. They […]

July recap

July was fun…. not so much a great training month, but July was fun. Several conferences made consistent training difficult… But, here is the recap. 17 runs for 85 miles, […]

San Fran to the bench

One of the struggles I have had lately is the lack of regular running partners. Once upon a time I had the motivation to go out all by myself come […]