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Team Ninja Warrior

The last few years I have been watching American Ninja Warrior. I am awed by the strenght, the power, the overall fitness of these athletes. This year one of my […]

GO ing some more

Yesterday, i once again rode the Elliptigo to and from work. I also rode it around whilst the Hillview Running Club was running. I managed to do 7 plus while […]

GOing GOod

The GOod news is that ElliptiGOing does not bother my calf… So I rode to School this AM.  It was my 3rd fastest all time on the GO. After school […]

Master’s College 5K

I have been eyeing the Master’s College 5k for several years. Something has always interfered so I had not run it. But it seemed like it would be a nice […]


With a long run of 9 miles on New Year’s Day, my goal for this week was to go just a bit longer. Erik and Krysti Ruble met me at […]

1485 to go….

I went to Marie Kerr Park to meet with my Hillview Running Club Runners.  For some reason participation over this break has been VERY sparse. I have had anywhere from […]